My first trip!

I haven’t travel much in the past because I either wanted to work in the summer, or because I did not have enough money to afford a trip.

However, for this summer I will take two weeks off from work to go visit my sister in France. My sister had the opportunity to work in Paris for six months. Lucky her! She rented herself a small apartment on Airbnb near her job, and I will go live with her for two weeks.

Plus, my parents will come spent a week with us!

I always loved the idea of being able to travel because I love to discover new things. In the past, the only “trips” I did were with my family, and we went to resorts near a beach. To be honest, after three days I was getting tired of not doing anything. That is mainly why I cannot wait to visit France, and walk for days! I think this opportunity will allow me to get out of my comfort zone without having to spent crazy amounts of money. My only spending are my ticket, the food I will buy there, and the object I will bring back with me. Furthermore, even if my sister rented herself a place there, I will still go more down south in France, and rent myself a place so I can discover more of the country, and not just one city. I like behind alone and doing things by myself, because I develop my autonomy, and I learn to do things by myself. A lot of people told me that France is so beautiful. It is known for its famous French cuisine, the art, its culture, the fashion, the museums, and so much more! Everybody is telling me how much I will enjoy it because it is nothing like I have seen before. I cannot wait to see what this country has to offer, and admire the architecture!