Terrorist Attacks in France

France as been the target for many terrorist attacks claimed by ISIS. Since the 19th century, the country has been a victim of various attacks. For this webpage, I will focus my researches on attacks that occurred in the 21st century, and that are more known by the public, around the world. I will principally talk about two major attacks that took place in Paris, and Nice.

France has been a victim of the famous Islamic group because it is the country that is sending the most soldiers, and fighters in Syria than any other European country. It is a war against terrorism, and ISIS is fighting back.

On the 13 of November 2015, a sequence of attacks took place in Paris. During the night, a total of eight attacks occurred by different groups of men, or by a man alone, causing 130 deaths, and 368 injured. There was three suicide bombings near the Stade de France, one shooting at the rue Bichat, one shooting at the rue de la Fontaine-au-Roi, another shooting at the rue de Charonne, another suicide bombing on boulevard Voltaire, and a shooting in the famous Bataclan theatre. To resume, there was four suicide bombings, and four shootings. People where mainly killed outside restaurants or inside the Bataclan. An hour after the concert started, in the theatre, a group of three men entered the room and started to shoot people. The number of deaths for that event alone was estimated at 89 people.

These were the biggest attacks that ever took place, because they were the deadliest terrorists attacks.

Less than a year later, on the14th of July 2016, another major attack occurred, this time in Nice. It happened during the Bastille Day. During the night, a lot people where in the street of Promenade des Anglais enjoying them to celebrate the night. At some point, a vehicle got in the street of Nice, attacking the crowd of people, killing them one after another. It was the second big attack after the events of November 2015. The terrorists killed 86 people, and injured 434 people. The terrorists who planned this attack were later killed by police officers, the same night.

As of more recently, a man opened fire on police officers, in the Champs-Elysees, on April 20th.

After these attacks, the government upgraded his security measures to enhance the security of all. The population of France is never protected from any attacks, and has to live under the constant threat of terrorism. They will forever remember the tragic nights.

To see pictures after the events, click here: Explicit content may offend