Hi! Welcome to my webpage! For this project I want to talk about the famous country: France. I have the opportunity to travel to France this summer, and I will use this project to do some research before I leave. This website contains six webpages all different from one to another. In the first page, I will explain why I want to travel this summer. The second page will give you the history and some facts about France. The third page will give you information about the elections that are taking place right now, and the opposing parties. The fourth page will explain the numerous terrorist attacks that took place in the cities of France, and the consequences. The fifth page will contain information about the famous capital; Paris! Finally, the last page will give you an insight of what I will do in France, during my trip. Thank you for visiting, enjoy!

My first trip by myself, and why I want to travel this summer! Experience of a lifetime

All about France! Click here to know the history of France! History of France

What is happening in France right now politically? Know all about the France elections here: Politics

France has been attacked by a lot of terrorists attacks in the past few months. Do you ever wonder why are these attacks taking places? especially in France? Know all about the attacks and the consequences on people's lives here: Attacks

Paris,Paris,Paris! To know all about the famous capital of France, click here: Paris

I need to plan my trip. To know what I will do in France, click here: Itinerary